Automating Your Data Sharing is the Next Step to Customer Centric Business

Customer centricity is the key to business success. Technology is now available to accommodate this forward way of thinking, and automating your data sharing is one of the best ways to get this right. What Does Customer Centric Mean? The term ‘customer centric’ is a non-compromising approach, declaring that every future business decision will have the customer experience at its core. This is how the big corporations achieve success. And you should too.

There are many ways to become more customer-centric. You may start with your HR and hiring processes. Or you may begin training your front-end staff on customer relations. These and other strategies are good starts. But what about everything that connects the various areas of your business? What about the one thing that drives everything else to work?
I’m talking about TECHNOLOGY. How does yours bring value to customers? Technology runs in the background, so you may not always notice it. But by optimising your technology you open up new growth potential for your business. Want to know how it’s done?
1. See Each Section of Your Business as a Channel

Even if your company is not a giant corporation, it runs with various departments that are dependant on each other. Your customer doesn’t care what’s going on behind closed doors. As long as he or she gets high value for their money when they use your service or buy your product. Each channel in your business must run smoothly for this to happen. If there are problems internally, those problems will show themselves—and you can’t retain customers that way, can you? Do a quick assessment of your business’ channels. Look at production, finance, customer care, field service, sales, etc. Now take note of the technology that helps each of those departments function. Imagine if all of them could correspond with each other the way your staff do.

2. Create Lines of Communication Between Channels

Data management and customised AI platforms form the necessary links between various channels within your business. It helps to connect multiple departments and help them function as one; and also dictates how your data is communicated between staff, managers and customers. Wouldn’t you love software that did that? Think of the growth potential! And think how excited your customers would be to do business with you.

3. Automate All Channels as Far as Possible

But what good is data unless it’s travelling? The trick in business is to communicate data to various departments without the need for human intervention. Calculations can be made in less than a second and data can be processed accordingly if you run your company technology on a platform that fits your customer’s unique needs.

4. Give Your Customer Access to Pertaining Data

With the new GDPR regulations almost in place, it’s wise to evolve your company to one that encourages customer interaction. Data that pertains to your customer’s orders can be summarised into a profile; one that they control and have access to. Customers love being in control, and will always deal with companies who give them more. Every company runs on technology. Enhancing it is what makes you unique among competitors. So get your customers smiling by making their experience with you easy, pleasant and above all, VALUABLE.


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