Operational process - The groundbreaking leadership approach

In today’s competitive business world, the first and most important job of any CEO is to own the organisation’s vision and values processes.

One of the challenges many leaders face lays in understanding the distinctions between levels of leadership. Though there is a common basis of theory and practice, the requirements of strategic leadership are quite different from those of organisational process. In addition, there is a whole level of leadership that managers are trying to understand and act upon: operational leadership.
Strategic leadership is about creating and allocating the right resources, to the right places, at the right time. Main concerns focus on long term purposes and goals, capability to be robust in the face of threats and function in all circumstances.
The Organizational Process is about people - acquiring, developing, encouraging, planning and transitioning them, as you can’t get from strategy to execution without people. But, in order to really make progress towards goals, you need strong, operational leadership.

The Operational Process is about making things happen, tactics. This comes from the Greek “taktikos,” the art of deploying forces during battle. This includes tasks that roll up into projects, that in turn roll up into programs to design, build, sell, deliver or support products or services.

Operational leaders are the unsung heroes of organizations. They build the structures and systems that allow the strategic leaders vision and objectives to be achieved, while providing a framework for inspired action. They have a wide vision on how the individual elements of an organization fit together and work towards creating a larger outcome. When they think about issues, their focus is on what systems and processes are needed or will be impacted.

What are the core values that lay at the foundation of operational leadership? Innovation, out-of-the-box approach and focused aligned conversations, to name a few.

More than increasing organization efficiency by improving management techniques, operational leadership will help people working in your organization to have a better understanding of their goals, get constant support and the rewarding feeling that they’re working in a trustworthy partnership.
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