Featured Articles on Business Transformation, Digital Technologies and the Circular Economy

By adopting circular economy principles, integrating new technologies and fostering innovation, organizations can achieve double digit growth every year, while having an positive impact on society.
Customer Experience

Sustainability 4.0: Why digital sustainability strategies pay off twice

Digitisation is changing not only the way products are manufactured and distributed today, but also the way we communicate with customers...

Customer Experience

"Digital Small Talk" Smart software development to activate your customers

You know what it's like: Every day you have small conversations with colleagues and business partners in which...

Customer Experience

Touchpoints: Why every contact point counts

The digitalisation of your company will only be successful if it captures the core of your company processes, rather than....
Real Revenue

Real Revenue for an Enlightened SME

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially manufacturing companies, have the most to gain...
AI and a Circular Economy

Artificial intelligence and a Circular Economy

Artificial intelligence (AI), is no longer a thing of science fiction, it is very much part of our everyday science fact.
The Importance of Disruption

Sink or Swim: The Importance of Disruption

There isn’t any industry today safe from the threat of implosion from agile, adaptive new technologies and service approaches...
business world

Why the business world is rushing to open up digitization?

Do you have any idea when your company's digital transformation will be completed? So far, there is no answer...
Are You Really Innovating?

Are You Really Innovating?

Innovation is the lifeblood of business today. Look over your shoulder and you’ll see a handful of start-ups, hungry to steal a chunk of your...
The AI Solution to the Big Data Problem

The AI Solution to the Big Data Problem

Big data is everywhere. Even small businesses can generate masses of data very quickly these days. There’s just so much of it...
Do You Know Why Your Business Needs Artificial Intelligence?

Do You Know Why Your Business Needs Artificial Intelligence?

Chances are that you have probably heard about artificial intelligence before. In 2016, there was a lot of hype surrounding A.I. trends and...
Automating Your Data Sharing

Automating Your Data Sharing for a Customer Centric Business

Customer centricity is the key to business success. Technology is now available to accommodate this forward way of...
Customer Experience

Why Customer Experience Is The New Product

You’ve heard it a thousand times before. Customers should be at the centre of every single decision a company makes....
Preparing Your Employees

Preparing Your Employees For Business Transformation

The concept of transforming your business to adapt to new ways of working and new product offerings can seem overwhelming...
Real Revenue

How business models change in the digital age

Your company’s digital success involves more than simply digitizing established business models...
core benefits

Why Must You Think About The Circular Economy in Your Business?

Many businesses are facing competition from disruptive innovations that have turned norms upside down...


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