The Digital Transformation Mindset

For more than two decades, digitalization has been a core issue for companies around the globe. Today, more than ever, new digital technologies along with changing consumer demand are driving comprehensive changes in the way businesses operate.

New trends are arising while pushing companies to ride the wave or be left beside: it’s the new world of circular economy and digital revolution.
Digitalization is a driving force behind several industries. Circular economy, on the other hand, aims at optimizing resource use within industries. There is a clear connection between these two trends, and in order to accelerate change towards a sustainable circular economy, external support and coordination are needed.
The transition to a circular or digital model is a revolution that begins in the mind. Our mindset is the basis for all our choices.

Embarking on a significant change management program is a mature choice for companies that are facing intensified competition, shifting the goalposts or even trying to adapt to various digital disruptors in their playing field. With external support, managers can accelerate change in their organization by engaging leaders and staff to think in an innovative, circular, technology driven way about the future, while guiding them in building new capabilities to get there successfully.

I believe in INNOVATION as a long-term strategy applied in a world undergoing an accelerated transformation. Here, every business decision must have the customer experience at its core. That is why my favourite tool for organizational transformation is disruption from within.
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